Source code for aiida_diff.tests.test_calculations

""" Tests for calculations

from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import absolute_import

import os
from aiida_diff import tests

[docs]def test_process(diff_code): """Test running a calculation note this does not test that the expected outputs are created of output parsing""" from aiida.plugins import DataFactory, CalculationFactory from aiida.engine import run # Prepare input parameters DiffParameters = DataFactory('diff') parameters = DiffParameters({'ignore-case': True}) from aiida.orm import SinglefileData file1 = SinglefileData( file=os.path.join(tests.TEST_DIR, "input_files", 'file1.txt')) file2 = SinglefileData( file=os.path.join(tests.TEST_DIR, "input_files", 'file2.txt')) # set up calculation inputs = { 'code': diff_code, 'parameters': parameters, 'file1': file1, 'file2': file2, 'metadata': { 'options': { 'max_wallclock_seconds': 30 }, }, } result = run(CalculationFactory('diff'), **inputs) computed_diff = result['diff'].get_content() assert 'content1' in computed_diff assert 'content2' in computed_diff