Getting started

This page should contain a short guide on what the plugin does and a short example on how to use the plugin.


Use the following commands to install the plugin:

git clone .
cd aiida-diff
pip install -e .  # also installs aiida, if missing (but not postgres)
#pip install -e .[pre-commit,testing] # install extras for more features
verdi quicksetup  # better to set up a new profile
verdi calculation plugins  # should now show your calclulation plugins

Then use verdi code setup with the diff input plugin to set up an AiiDA code for aiida-diff.


A quick demo of how to submit a calculation:

verdi daemon start         # make sure the daemon is running
cd examples
verdi run        # submit test calculation
verdi calculation list -a  # check status of calculation

If you have already set up your own aiida_diff code using verdi code setup, you may want to try the following command:

diff-submit  # uses aiida_diff.cli